Building out the lives of longing shopper just waiting for their beloved products. 

Edge Studio and Cutting Edge Post teamed up with the lovely folks at Chimera and SuperCheap Auto to bring together the 2023 ‘Toolapalooza’ campaign. SuperCheap’s Toolapalooza, EOFY sale campaign was centred on the idea of dedicated shoppers desperately waiting for their dream tools and/or home appliances to come on sale, capturing their longing with a little bit of light-hearted fun.

With four setups shot across a 10-hour shoot day in the Cutting Edge Studio, our teams had a fun time creating each of the tiny worlds for the spots. 


Client: Supercheap Auto 

Agency: Chimera 

Director: Jennine Heymer 

Producer: Lucy Ratz 

DOP: Danny Haneman