It doesn’t matter if your project is six seconds or sixty minutes. The simple truth is no two projects are the same. To combat this we’ve assembled a team of video and content production specialists. Consider us the ultimate mixed bag.

Much more than your average production house, we are a group of content specialists. Collectively we’re a mixed-bag of producers, developers, creators and technicians. We’ve got everything covered from big-scale TVC production, TV series production right through to the smallest of content pieces.

EDGE STUDIO has a specialist for every occasion. We are the mixed bag of your childhood dreams…

Core Team

Jennine Heymer
Creative Producer | Maker of twins
Nick Wolff
Producer | TVC & Facilitation | Keeper of Dad Jokes
Hayley McKew
Producer | Presenter | The Optimist
Lucy Ratz
Production Manager | Office Siri
Chris Airey
Editor | Keeper of bees
Jenni Collier
Shooter Editor | Underwater Adventurer