Gliding through life feeling blissful and chore-free with Godfreys.

Working with the creative team at Thinkerbell, SQUEAK, and Edge Studio created a mystical and heavenly world for the ‘Feel Free’ campaign. This campaign positions Godfreys as the facilitator of that post-clean euphoric feeling. You know the one; that ‘ahhhhhh’ moment when you can kick back on the couch knowing everything is done. The team found capturing this feeling and creating this chore-free wonderland far more rewarding than cleaning their own living rooms! 

PS. testing may or may not have included a leaf blower, a long white dressing gown, and a team member with CoverGirl-esque hair. 


Client: Godfreys

Agency: Thinkerbell 

Director: Zenon Kohler (SQUEAK) 

Producer: Nick Wolff

DOP: Jason Hargreaves