Need a video podcast studio? Filming an online course? Looking for a green screen or virtual filming location? We can do it all in ‘The Set’!

The Set is your home to film video content, plus production support on demand to service your creative content from conception to perfection. We’ve created a flexible studio space and installed all of the camera, screens, sound and lighting tech your podcast, vodcast or video interview could need. We can mix vision and sound on the spot, livestream or take the post production into our edit and sound suites to give it that Edge Studio magic our clients know and love.

Situated in the famous Cutting Edge facility in West End, Brisbane, the Edge Studio podcast and vodcast recording studio gives you and your clients access to easy parking, break out office and green spaces, client privacy, catering and great coffee — all under our very creative, tech-savvy and most of all friendly, roof.

CONTACT: Hayley McKew – hayley@edgestudio.productions + Lucy Ratz – @lucy@edgestudio.productions


Hayley McKew – hayley@edgestudio.productions


Lucy Ratz – lucy@edgestudio.productions