who is
to tell
the story?

When Yumba Bimbi approached us to develop a suite of videos for them, we literally screamed with delight. Yumba Bimbi (YB) is a disability support service situated in Emerald. They are regarded as one of Australia’s best remote NDIS providers and as a result are often asked to speak at national and international conferences. 

YB knew they wanted video content to help them speak to:

  1. Their local community
  2. Potential business partners
  3. Potential employees
  4. Industry peers

Of course, no one video is going to do all of these things at once. We needed to drill down into what it was they wanted to say and how we were going to say it and where they were going to tell their story.

To do this we:

Once we knew exactly what they required and YB were happy with the approach, it was time for concept development, determining deliverables and scripting. The big question at this stage is always: ‘who is best to tell the story?’ It was decided, who better than the YB community itself. 

Over 4 x 10-hour shoot days we shot vision for the following:

The end result… a suite of videos that helps YB market their services and apply for grants. The lovely people and YB were happy and so was our team!