There’s nothing better than turning up your speakers or putting in headphones and listening to a well-crafted podcast. At Edge, we love listening to great stuff… even more, we love making great stuff. So, when the Institute of Molecular Bioscience [IMB] came back to us for the third season of their podcast ‘The Edge Conversations’, we were well keen to get stuck in. 

Our brilliant Director Jennine, doubled as podcast host and set out to create yet another insightful series. Armed with thorough research and background on each of our podcast subjects, we coordinated and produced all 8 episodes. 

Exploring the multifaceted areas of research at IMB, we were able to chat with some incredibly talented people. We spoke with Institute Director, Ian Henderson about the future of IMB, with David Craik about Peptides and Proteins; with Kate Schroder about inflammation; and so much more! 

The fascinating conversations had on mic made the process of post production all the more enjoyable. Our post team recorded intros and outros, mixed and then mastered each of the episodes for IMB to push out on their channels. 

IMB was delighted with the final product and said the whole podcast production experience was easy and exciting. They loved listening back to their talent and team talk about some of the truly inspiring research done at the institute.    

And on that note… go listen to an episode (or 8), you know you want to.