We create compelling content for both the eyes AND ears. Podcasts are trending, but getting them noticed takes more than just a good story. That’s why when we were asked to tackle a series with Nova for FitBit, we knew we had to take it up a notch. We designed a video podcast format (vodcast) to generate interest in the amplified content and trailers that swirled around online. Plus those that prefer to watch, could stream the full episode on their device. Filmed with multiple cameras on a set that worked with the FitBit brand, we delivered not only an audio-perfect production but one that looked highly appealing too.

‘Breaking Ground’ is designed for all kinds of movers; it’s where inspiring Aussie icons sit down with our host Scott Henderson to talk about their unconventional health and fitness journeys. Our minds and bodies are capable of incredible things and with a bit of help and inspiration, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

View the series trailers below or click through to the content hub for the full slate of ‘Breaking Ground’ episodes.



Client: FitBit by Google
Broadcaster: NOVA Entertainment
Production: Edge Studio
Producer: Hayley McKew
Director: Jennine Heymer
DOP: Jenni Collier
HMU: Amanda Rieck
Post Production: Cutting Edge Post
Executive Producer: Trelise Blade
Editor: Chris Airey & Jennifer Collier
Sound: Michael Thomas, Mike Lange & Renee Park
Colourist: Danny Scotting
Production Assistant: Nastasia Koveos