Hayley Lewis is a legend in and out of the pool. As Queensland’s Mental Health Ambassador, Hayley shares her story of navigating through difficult times as an athlete, a mother, a sister, a wife, a high-profile TV personality and a small business owner. Hayley  is passionate about mental health and with the help of WHSQ has been encouraging workers and employers to ensure their workplaces are mentally healthy.
We were chuffed when our friends at BCM asked us to help them share Hayley’s story. Our Creative Producer, Jennine Heymer and the team were lucky enough to spend the day with Hayley as she opened up about her mental health journey. Her story is one that wends through the high and at times, very low moments of her life. We wanted to make sure that we dealt with this in manner that was both respectful and enlightening for the audience. Honing in on the inspirational was key to giving this film balance. We wanted to leave the audience with a sense of hope an a call to action for people to seek out further information.

– 1 x 5 – 6 min hero video
– 1 X 1 min teaser
– 1 x 30 sec cutdowns


Client: Office of Industrial Relations
Principle Awareness and Engagement Officer: Lauren O’Brien
Agency: BCM Group
Group Account Director: Alan Kewley
Copywriter: Meg Jenkins
Edge Studio Producer: Nick Wolff
Director: Jennine Heymer
Production Manager: Lucy Ratz
Cinematographer: Brendan Shambrook
1st AC: Kyle Thomson
HMU: Linda Jordan
Production Assistant: Ewan Anderson