Some stuff
about us —

Hi, Hey, Haj and Hello! 

It’s March already. It’s already been more of a year so far than most of us had been hoping for. So, whether you’re pandemic fatigued, weather fatigued, current affairs fatigued or have exhausted the quagmire that is TikTiok** — we thought we would offer relief through the first installation of  ‘Great Stuff!’

We have called it ‘Great Stuff’ because we love seeking great things live everywhere

So, what will 2022 hold for the Edge Studio team? A blog! We want to put pen to paper and get some of Edge’s ‘Small Stuff’ out there in the online universe. Today’s edition is a quick intro to start us off and set a tone of sorts.

So, here goes. Some stuff about us — EDGE STUDIO. 

  1. WHO ARE WE?

We’re a creative production company. We’re a team of video content producers, creators and technicians. 

We play well with others and think great collaboration is the success to everything.

  1. WHAT WE DO? 

We  can help you with concept development, script writing, all of the video production stuff as well as editing, animation, and VFX. Yep, we do it all.

Need a kick-arse production company to facilitate your project in Australia? Call us, we do that too.

We believe that there is as much skill in making the little things as there is in making large-scale blockbusters

  1. HOW WE DO IT? 

Our video production offering is agile and scalable, meaning we can help you create content from scratch or produce large-scale TVC’s. 

We work with talented freelancers; from DOPs, Directors, Location Scouts, Art Dept and Hair & Makeup — EDGE STUDIO knows all the right people to bring great video to life


We may be based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, but we’ve worked all over this huge continent and the planet in general. Need to fly a helicopter over the Great Wall of China? No problem, we’ve done that.

We go wherever the project needs us to and can work in any environment, on any terrain. 

  1. WHY WE DO IT 
  1. Because you and your project deserve it.
  2. We love what we do.
  3. We love a good challenge.
  4. We can’t wait to see the smile on your face when we deliver your final project files.

Now that you know us a little better… we want to know more about you. 

Go on, throw us a line, you know you want to.